Maxim AM+

2004 Black (Ee/aa) Russian Arabian Stallion, 14.2h

Maxim AM competes in Reining and Cutting

MPulsive MPulse *Muscat
Mageeta *Mag
Salons Finale
Napolia Neman Nabeg
Mastika Aswan

Progeny Record

There are 3 foals on the ground produced by Maxim AM.

D Portrayl2009BlackFillyGolden Eagle Farm
Kodiak AM2011BayColtSouthern Acres Inc
Acevedo AM2013BlackColtRueath Acres

(4) 0-1-1   —   $125 lte

Complete Racing Record

Listed below is a complete, detailed race record.

2ALWOntario Sprint6Ff Dirt, 3yo- CARA September Event
3ALWMichigan Sprint6Ff Dirt, 3yo- CARA September Event
4ALWStockton Arabian Sprint6Ff Dirt, 3yo- CARA September Event
7ALWIndependance Sprint6Ff Dirt, 3yo- CARA September Event

Complete Show Record

(4) 0-1-1   —   $125 lte

AHAC Title & Points:    ()   —  265 AHAC Points
AHA Title & Points:   30 AHA Points   —  

2013CHReining Sr. HorseAHAC Guilford International Arabian Horse Show
2012CHLiberty Sr. StallionsAHAC US Nationals
2012CHEight Year Old StallionsAHAC Qatar International
2012CHChampion Senior StallionAHAC Qatar International
2013RCMost Classic Sr. StallionThuraiya Nihal Classic
2013RCLiberty Sr. StallionsThuraiya Nihal Classic
2013RCNine Year Old StallionsArista Comstock Classic
2013RCWorking Cow Horse Sr. HorseAHAC Ajman
2013RCNine Year Old StallionsAHAC Kauber Platte Championship
2012RCReining Sr. HorseAHAC US Nationals
2013TTLiberty Sr. StallionsAHAC Arabesque International Festival
2013TTWorking Cow Horse Sr. HorseAHAC Arabesque International Festival
2013TTLiberty Sr. StallionsGBA Union Station Classic
2013TTNine Year Old StallionsThuraiya Nihal Classic
2013TTFreestyle Reining Sr. HorseThuraiya Nihal Classic
2013TTCutting Sr. HorseAHAC Dubai International
2013TTReining Sr. HorseAHAC Casino Cup Austria
2013TTWorking Cow Horse Sr. HorseAHAC Casino Cup Austria
2013TTNine Year Old StallionsAHAC Ajman
2013TTNine Year Old StallionsAHAC United Arab Emirates Nationals
2012TTCutting Sr. HorseAHAC Moroccan Nationals
2012TTReining Sr. HorseAHAC Towerlands UK
2012TTCutting Sr. HorseAHAC Towerlands UK
2012TTEight Year Old StallionsAHAC Elran Cup
2012TTCutting Sr. HorseAHAC Brussels Arabian Trophy
2012TTClassic Head Sr. StallionsAHAC Scandinavian Open
2012TTLiberty Sr. StallionsAHAC German Nationals
2012TTReining Sr. HorseAHAC Menton International
2012TTReining Sr. HorseAHAC Czech Nationals
2012TTMost Classic Sr. StallionAHAC Jordan Nationals
2012TTCutting Sr. HorseAHAC Egyptian Classic Cup
2012TTEight Year Old StallionsAHAC Buckeye
2012TTEight Year Old StallionsAHAC Dubai International
2012TTFreestyle Reining Sr. HorseAHAC Casino Cup Austria