• 1996 Gray Polish Arabian Stallion, 15.3 hands
  • Sired by Prom and Out of Garonna, by Fanatyk
  • Trained inHunter Pleasure

The Pedigree

Prom Etogram El Paso
Promesa Alcazar
Garonna Fanatyk Aloes
Gizela Palas

The Progeny

D Stefania1999 Black Polish Arabian Mare
Aniela M2002 Grey Polish Arabian Mare
D Diszney2003 Bay Polish Arabian Mare
D Przykona2005 Chestnut Polish Arabian Mare
Los Angeles2007 Bay Anglo-Arabian Mare
D Emotiional2007 Bay Polish Arabian Mare
*Kasper2008 Black Polish Arabian Stallion
D Farrah2009 Grey Polish Arabian Mare

Additional Info

*Graphic is a true treasure to us here at Golden Eagle. He is the foundation sire for our Polish Arabian breeding program and to be honest we couldn't have found a better guy than this one. Graphic's the stud of all the studs in the barn, he's the king and he knows it. A majestic Grey stud, he loves to show off in the show rings and boy does he know how to do. Time and time again we have had to just squeal with joy knowing this guy is as talented as he is and completely ours. A regular ladies' man he likes to prance, and blow whenever a mare passes by. Slowly but surely Graphic is showing promise as a sire as well as a top notch competitor in HP/Native Costume and Formal Combination. He has a very classy way of moving and his fluid strides are just full of jazz, he loves to be shown. In spite of his age you can tell Graphic lives for the spotlight of the show rings. Now retired with 10 beautiful and extremely talented foals to lead on his legacy *Graphic is loving the life he has now, he occasionally gets upset when he knows he can't travel to shows like he did last year but for the most part he is as happy as he ever was. His youngest son *Kasper will hopefully be as brilliant as Graphic was but time will tell.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.