Rampart WF

  • 2003 Black Friesian Stallion, 16.1 hands
  • Sired by Mowgali and Out of Byren, by Fabe 348
  • Trained inDressage

The Pedigree

Mowgali Hannes 296 Naen 264
Florina 1602
Andrea Oege 267
Byren Fabe 348 Melle
Antje Ut De Meiden Franke

The Progeny

Balbazar2006 Black Frieisian Stallion
Adoncia2009 Black Friesian Mare
Hyacinth GE2009 Grey Arabo-Friesian Mare
Iolanta GE2010 Black Friesian Filly

Additional Info

Purchased from Noel of White Oleander Farm

Rampart is truly one of the best Friesian sires, after Ogedon, Wiccan WF and his own sire Mowgali, along with Igor and C Thanantos. He is a unparalled dressage champion and stamps every one of his foals with a unmatched ability to be outstanding dressage horses. Rampart is the one stallion I hold most dear, he is the epitome of a Friesian stallion, sweet, kind and a heart of gold. He does get a slight naughty around the mares, but mostly during breeding season, yet he never takes a step out of line although he does get loud. He was a amazing young colt to train and watching him mature into a delightful stallion that is very easy to ride. He loves to be ridden in dressage classes, and has sailed through every level of dressage. Now that he is nearing his sixth birthday and has claimed numerous titles Rampart will be retiring in August to let his foals carry on the elite Mowgali line. As a sire Rampart has flown past all expectations and influenced the Friesian breed even more with his good disposition and stunning atheticism.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

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