Gwenlyn WF

  • 1999 Black Friesian Mare, 16.1 hands
  • Sired by Ogedon and Out of Fawlyn, by Jelmer
  • Trained inDressage & Pleasure Driving

The Pedigree

Ogedon Lute Djurre
Waldblom Dagho
Fawlyn Jelmer Tamme
Waeltsje Herke

The Progeny

Adleena2008 Black Friesian Mare

Additional Info

Purchased from Noel of White Oleander Farm

A very beautiful Friesian mare with elegant strides and just enough feminity to her Gwen is something out of my wildest dreams. Ogedon is a big time favorite of mine so any chance I get to own a foal of his I will not turn down. Gwen is our fifth Ogedon foal and one of four daughters of the legendary black stallion. Gwen has some of the most desired traits in the Friesian breed and it shows when she's being ridden. She is a true pleasure to have around and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Always eager and ready to listen, the slightest shift of weight will cause Gwen to change her path or move from one gait to the next. She is such a gorgeous girl with a wonderful personality and passes those amazing traits to her foals, along with a sense of independence. She has fulfilled the ultimate goal we hoped Gwen would achieve, that being the Hall of Fame and now Gwen will be retired permanently from the showrings to live in happy retirement next to Agentrudis and Ogelyn WF.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.