Bahir Ibn Altair

The Pedigree

A Altair Ibn Alixir G Alixir The Alixir
TC Lanite
G Sinn Bi Sadaaih Simeon Sadik
Bint Sabah
Malikah O Ashiid Barakaa Rashdan
Bint Barakaa
Al Fahime Barake Ansata El Salaam
AK Amaalia

The Progeny

D Surraya2013 Bay Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare

Additional Info

Bahir is a truly phenomenal young colt. He is incredibly easy to handle, quiet as they come on the ground too! He listens great to cues and has even progressed to learning a few tricks of his own. His favorite one to use is the classic bow. His nose almost touches the ground he bows so low, with his pedigree, class and stunning looks you'd think he'd make us bow to him but he doesn't act like that at all. He is very modest and loves to please. It is his ultimate quest to come home with honors but as long as his handler is pleased he is as happy as a dog with a new toy. Both his maternal and paternal grandsires are top Egyptian Arabian sires and we hope that in time this remarkable young colt will follow in their footsteps. To have bred this colt ourselves from two of the Arabians who will never leave our farm it is quite an honor.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.