BT Azterical

The Pedigree

Blackwoods Finch Triple S Bald Eagle Triple S Gold Eagle
Triple S Red Carmen
Shallow Creeks Chloe Trophys Jade
Cache Vu Inde
Atuan Azgard Atuan Zachariasz Eurol
Atuan Alberta Gil

The Progeny

Star Crossed Dreamaar2006 Chestnut Morab Mare
D WrittenInTheStars2006 Bay Morab Mare
D Astronomical2008 Chestnut Morab Mare
D Lunar Eclipsze2010 Chestnut Morab Mare
D Rings of Saturn2013 Bay Morab Mare

Additional Info

Purchased from Noel of Blackthorn Hills Farm

BT Azterical is a striking Morab stallion with a light chestnut coat, making him appear almost palomino, which may be a result of his genes since his sire Blackwoods Finch is a cremello. We have always wanted to have our own foundation Morab stallion, since we have quite a few Morab mares that hopefully he will cover once he gets a fair AHAC show record under his belt. Most of our other boys get moody and loud when the trailer is pulled around, for they know a show is coming up and they just get pumped up and ready to go but not Azterical, he's just that calm and solid that he hardly gets fidgety until he has gotten to the show place. Azterical inherited his dam's style but can carry himself both in-hand and as a performance horse.
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The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.