BT Al Madiid Zanbuck

  • 2004 Grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion, 15.2 hands
  • Sired by Mu'tazz and Out of Tayyeb Zanbuck, by Al Metrabbi
  • Trained inEnglish Pleasure & Pleasure Driving

The Pedigree

Mu'tazz Ashhal Al Rayyan Safir
Ansata Majesta
Al Wajba Al Rayyan Safir
Ansata Sharifa
Tayyeb Zanbuck Al Metrabbi *Morafic
Halawat Albadeia Ameer Albadeia
Malekat El Wadi

The Progeny

D Bahriya Bint Madiid2007 Grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare
D Mayyasah2008 Grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare
D Majd al Din2008 Grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Gelding

Additional Info

Purchased from Noel of Blackthorn Hills Farm

Madiid is quite the classy young stud, sired by the remarkable Mu'tazz++++ owned by Blackthorn Hills. One of the newer SEA stallions here at Golden Eagle, Madiid is very sweet around the barn when being handled. His attitude isn't always as polite towards the other stallions in the barn and sometimes he gets a bit naughty. He has Mu'tazz's awesome natural high-extensions and is a superb mover in English Pleasure. He is a very handsome young stallion with his delicately dished face and stunning conformation, along with his coloring. His breeding is wonderful and we hope that his foals will inherit Madiid's stunning color, along with his natural talent at English Pleasure. He has come a long way in the last year, he still acts like he is the boss of the stallion barn though but with his record as a performance/halter stallion, and with his bloodlines we'll allow him that luxury.
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The Show Horse

The Accolades

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